Friday, January 24, 2014

Etsy Takeover! Mr. T, Wild West, and More...

Now that Scrumpdoodle is off and running (yes- 3 sales), I got in on the fun of creating coasters. Take a look at some of my creations-

Mr. T

Friday, January 3, 2014

Just Avoided Winter Storm Hercules!

Glad to be back in Tucson. Looks like I got out of Indiana just in time!

Amazon even emailed me about it.
Lots of snow. 

Not to brag but here's what it's been like here today and the rest of the week.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

10/24/13 - Bad Case of Torticollis

I believe I developed Torticollis overnight. What is Torticollis you ask? A stiff neck that is very uncomfortable! I came to the conclusion and self diagnosis today via Google.

This A.M. I had difficulty getting out of bed without being in pain. I think this may be the worst my neck/shoulder area has ever felt upon waking up. I was a little frightened and perturbed by this new feeling however I guess it's quite common. I watched a movie before going to bed last night and had my head turned to watch it. This may have caused it. I also slept with the window open and apparently the draft from the early morning hours can really mess up your neck muscles.

If you find yourself with a messed up neck out of nowhere check out the following sites. They reassured me that maybe my body isn't completely falling apart.

What the word "Torticollis" brings to mind

What I Love About Tucson


The food in Tucson is generally great. So much in fact, that you really can't go wrong if you're looking for something tasty to eat because of the enormous selection. Contrary to what I thought prior to moving here, Mexican restaurants aren't the only thing in town. There are tons of Asian, American, African, and you name it types of restaurants here. The service is sometimes hit or miss but that's pretty typical of any place. Some of my favorite places to visit (in no particular order):
  • Miss Saigon (Vietnamese)
  • Laverna's (Breakfast)
  • Rocco's (Pizza)
  • Magpies (Pizza)
  • Bison Witches (Sandwiches)
  • Baggin's (Sandwiches)
  • Mr. Head's (Bar- no food but huge drink selection)
  • Lots more... These were off the top of my head and I've frequented numerous times.


Tucson has a lot of great attractions as far as museums and the like. Some of my favorites include:


Tucson may not be the "prettiest" city with grungy ghettos littered about the city, but I can't lie it can be really beautiful here if you know where to look. I really like the cacti. As a native midwesterner this is something new and interesting for me, although maybe not for others. I love the majestic nature of cactus, how they grow arms and are gigantic after hundreds of years. I also appreciate how weathered and beat up these cacti look after all these years. You'll often see holes where insects and birds have ate away at the plants. They almost seem like weathered old people sometimes.

The sunsets from Gates Pass are breathtaking. Arizona has some great landscapes especially at dusk.


I can really appreciate the fact that Tucson always has something going on. There really is no reason to be bored in this town since every week something new is happening. I get up to date with what's going on by getting the Tucson Weekly. The Weekly is great- it has so much information it's unreal! It's free too, and usually nab one at restaurants or work. I also love that bands and performers do shows in Tucson. Granted not nearly as much as Phoenix sees but a good deal of quality acts come to Tucson. I never have had this luxury before always living in much smaller cities.


Enough said. It's better than mostly overcast and unpredictable weather.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What I Hate About Tucson

I'm going to be a negative Nancy today and run through the things I hate about Tucson. Needless to say I don't love Tucson, yet I'll post a list later of the things I do love about this city. Enjoy.

1. Traffic

The road system in Tucson is among the worst I've ever encountered. It takes forever to go just three miles. Expect it to take at least 20 minutes. There are stop lights every half mile or so. Not to mention some of the roughest and rockiest roads my car has ever traveled on. Yet despite this, road construction is everywhere, all the time. Picture a large neighborhood block with stop signs and lights everywhere. That is Tucson. There is no easy or quick way to navigate through this city. Tucson needs to wake up and realize just how big it is and build a more efficient road system.

2. Drivers

Tucson has some of the worst drivers on the road, anywhere. Every time I get into my car to go somewhere it is literally an adventure to NOT get in an accident. I've narrowly escaped several. Just recently while going through a green light a car on the other side of the light decided to run the red. I had to slam my brakes on to avoid hitting them straight on in the driver's side. He laughed. This is the typical mind set here. People are rushing to get nowhere. I wonder how drivers pass the driving exam?

3. Crime

Crime is every bit as bad as the press would like you to believe in Tucson. I guess that's why it's the worst large city for crime in the entire United States. Since being here, within the first six months my bike was nearly stolen as well as my car. Thieves made off with my rear wheel while also causing $700 worth of damage to my car's ignition. People will steal literally ANYTHING in Tucson. People that say Tucson is a safe place probably live in Oro Valley or they just have never lived here.

Proof theft runs rampant:

Bike ad on CL. Normal right? Wrong.

Guy saying ad is bogus. Bike is stolen.

4. Homeless People

I never was annoyed by the homeless until I moved to Tucson. Don't bother even going out to 4th Avenue on a Friday or Saturday night in Tucson if you want to avoid beggars at every turn. The homeless will approach you in the grocery store parking lot, gas station, and just about anywhere here asking for money, rides, etc. It gets old. We have learned to ignore them but they are obnoxious and weird all the same.

5. Rude People

I laugh when I see stickers on cars that say "Keep Tucson Kind" around town because most people aren't nice at all. I literally thought this saying was a joke upon first seeing it- really. Some of the rudest people I've met in my entire life live in Tucson. No one says "hi" when walking down the street here and you can forget about a smile. The same day I wrote this, as I walked back to my apartment a lady walked past, smiled and said hi on her way to the YWCA. You're more likely to be threatened or yelled at. People seem to hate it here. When you go out to eat don't expect a "thanks" or even a smile the majority of the time. Servers and food service employees just throw your food down and stomp away like you just insulted their mother.

Apart from a few places with excellent service (one of the waitresses at Laverna's is awesome), I don't know what it is.

6. Weather

The weather is really not all that great despite popular opinion. I still think southern Utah beats out southern AZ here. Yes it is true during the fall and winter months, Tucson gets amazing weather. This time of year all the snow birds come back. However late spring and summer are bad. Yeah it's hot and the monsoon season is overrated. So many people here claim it is their favorite time of the year. Why? It gets muggy and overcast for the second half of the summer. I really don't see the appeal. It's like that back in northern Indiana a lot of the time. I guess these people should think about relocating to Indiana. The heat here is oppressive, making everyone a ticking time bomb in Tucson (see bad drivers and rude people above).

7. Overpriced Junk

Craigslist here is filled with junk for sale marked WAY too high. People are trying to sell used bikes for higher than a brand new bike. I generally get the same impression from going to many thrift stores. Goodwill prices are way too high. There are some gems to be found but not like back east.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10/15/13 - Walk the Moon Concert

We went to a concert last night at the Rialto Theatre. It was our first time ever going to this venue and it was a good time. Much different than the AVA Ampitheater, the Rialto is indoors and a standing setup with a balcony above with seats.

Much to our surprise, we were amongst the oldest there (we are 26 and 28 years old). I'd say the average age of people in attendance was probably 20. That was a little strange for both of us. Lydia had to get a few drinks at the bar to stomach it. I suppose we were surprised that these kids even knew who this band was. This isn't J. Biebs we're talking about here. Walk the Moon (or so I thought) are a little known band. I was definitely wrong about this assumption. I told Lydia they must of been featured on the Disney Channel or something similar for all these youngsters to know them so well. We overheard two young girls ahead of us in line that said they traveled all the way from Flagstaff to come to the show! I discovered the band almost by accident a few weeks ago through Songza- this is very cool by the way, check it out.

Stage. Theme from album cover. The 3D trees lit up later!
Are these two on a date because they look into each other
Once we got over the fact that we were the old folks we starting getting into the great music of the evening. Let me tell you, it was a lot of bang for the buck. Tickets were $20 and we saw three bands play. First was a new band that started just this year; Smallpools. Nomination for the worst band name ever but they were really good. They brought an 80s synthesized vibe to their indie pop stylings. Definitely head-bopping worthy. I thought they were going to be bad too, but liked them alot.

Next came The Mowgli's. This band were definitely flower power children. A little cheesy/corny for my tastes but again very talented. I think their was about 12 8 members up on stage. It was quite the production. Probably one of the strangest accumulation of a band I've ever seen. They kept telling the audience to love each other and to help one another out. Bleh. It was a bit over the top and after a while I felt I was reading a self help book. However with this said, the music was thumping and really fun. The bassist was hammering out the jams with his head band and huge heavy metal beard in tow. My favorite though was the red haired chick. She was the only female in the band and she danced crazy, played tambourine, and sang.

The Mowgli's (I think) thought they were the main event because they played forever! I was a little anxious to get the show on the road since it was a Tuesday night and it was quickly getting late. Old people got to work in the morning. I'm sure none of the others in attendance really had this issue. They waited to play their most popular song "San Francisco" last and exited.

What The Mowgli's played.

During the time The Mowgli's left the stage Walk the Moon began setting up. It took at least a half an hour for them to come out. Maybe more. I joked with Lydia that the band was probably hitting a huge bong with The Mowgli's, thus the delay. A sound engineer went around each instrument about three times and checked each one. Every time he hit a cord the crowd would jeer with excitement. Guess they didn't realize this was just a sound check guy. Kids.

During this time face paint was being passed through the crowd and made its way to us. Lydia ended up painting my face and I painted hers. This face painting thing is something the band members did for the "Anna Sun" music video and it's been a concert thing since.

Murky picture but we have our face paint on. I also have crazy eyes.

 Once the band came on stage it was a non-stop assault of power cords and hooks. This band was HIGH ENERGY. There wasn't a dull moment to be had. The stage was super professional for a relatively new band. The light show was among the best I've seen. Here I was expecting a low key show. Didn't get that but it was a lot of fun. The crowd was totally into dancing, singing, clapping, and throwing their hands up. Lydia joked with me that the excitement came from the band coming from the midwest- they're from Ohio.

Songs Walk the Moon played

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ty's Not a Minimalist (but he's trying)

I thought I'd share this. I found it helpful, especially since I'm an avid eBay-er. I'm not a huge fan of using eBay but what other options are there? Guess I can't complain as I have sold a lot using it.

Read this article though, it provides a lot of good tips in case you find yourself wanting to part with some things and make a little money while doing it.

Read the full article here-