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8/12/13 - Widsom Teeth Extracted

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting all four of my wisdom teeth extracted at Oracle Modern Dentistry. The appointment was scheduled at 9:30 however because of "complications" with a patient before me I didn't get to the chair until after 11! It was the busiest I've ever seen the dentist office. I've become quite the regular and it's usually dead with just me in there. However the oral surgeon only shows up twice a month at this location and I think everyone waiting was getting teeth pulled.

The price was also a shock because having been consulted regarding future work on my first visit I had recalled a price more around $500-$700. Instead I get hit with over a $1000 in charges. Oracle also didn't have my information on file- again. Not sure why this is so hard and is constantly getting fudged. But after some phone calls by the male receptionist told me the price was correct. Maybe it was the $75 (per tooth) for anesthetic I had not seen. Who knows. But he was kind enough to apply a coupon (undercover) to take $200 off my total. He told me he didn't like when patients were surprised.

After getting prepped for surgery I had not realized I'd be getting an IV. I hate needles and had assumed I was just going to get gas to put me to sleep. So of course, that wasn't a highlight. But the surgeon, Bryan A. White joked about how many veins I had and that he had so many options. He also said, "oh you don't like needles? You wouldn't be normal if you did!" Then I thought to myself how they do it all the time? I can't imagine.

Shortly before the knockout drug, the oral surgeon injected a drug which he told me would make me a bit itchy and would dry out my mouth. Immediately my bum and downstairs felt like they were crawling with fire ants. This sensation was probably the most uncomfortable I felt. Luckily it passed relatively quickly. Then the surgeon came back after a few minutes and reported that the next drug he was to give me was not the knockout drug (that would put me under), it would just relax me. He ordered me to take deep breaths so my body got as much oxygen as it could get before going to sleep. I remember taking three deep breaths and the next thing I remembered was waking up! I guess he tricked me.

I surprisingly wasn't in much pain after the drugs finally wore off. It was of course annoying not being able to talk for a few hours with all the gauze. My tongue was cracked and dry as I ever remember it being and my bottom lip was paralyzed until 5 hours after the surgery. I felt great after the anesthetic wore off. Although I had more blood in my mouth than I have ever seen in my mouth in my entire life. The worse thing about it is you're not allowed to rinse your mouth out. I devised a way to let the water role around my mouth (without swishing) and letting it fall out of my mouth over a sink. It bled and bled and bled some more but finally it subsided thankfully! I'm experiencing some swelling around my gum-lines but it's really not bad.

I was out of it, as you can see by my face. Not my best look.
Bloody teeth. Gross.
A far cuter picture!
Update 8/14: 2 Days Following Extraction
Today I am not feeling so good. I had trouble pulling myself out of bed and honestly think I could of slept all day! I went to sleep at 9:30 the night before (after watching Kramer vs. Kramer) and feel exhausted. I am at work but can't wait for the moment when I can get back into bed. My mouth is a bit sore today and my jaw feels tight and restricted. I read that this is the worst pain 2-3 days following surgery.

8/18: 6 Days Following Extraction
Check out my bruise from the IV!

8/20: 8 Days Following Extraction
Today I went back to my dentist to have him look at my teeth. I was worried about food getting stuck in my wisdom tooth holes. I have been getting bad breath and feel something in my top right socket. After trying numerous methods to remove the blockage I was unsuccessful. Not wanting to be too rough and dislodge the clot I called this morning and got in by 11. He cleaned it out the best he could however I still feel something there stuck. I asked him about this and he told me he broke it up and it shouldn't be a problem. He said that the gum won't heal over food or anything like that. He also gave me a syringe to spray out the holes! Not sure why I didn't receive one of these on the day of my surgery?

This is the worst canker sore I've ever had
Speaking of canker sores- I put a pinch of salt on it this morning. It hurt!! I am going later to the store to buy some Alum. I read on the internet to apply some of that to have them gone overnight. These sites had me convinced - 1 & 2. I'm testing this out and will update with the results.

8/22 Update: 10 days Following Extraction
I was able to eat real food again today! I had a foot long meatball marinara from Subway to celebrate.

8/27 Update: 15 Days Following Extraction
Almost forgot to update! I ended up not getting and trying out the Alum after all. Salt seemed to do the trick within 2 or 3 days. It has not hurt for a number of days and shrank up to nearly nothing at all. Today, I can slightly feel where it was but it is no longer an issue. So I guess the salt healed it quicker than nothing at all.

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