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8/9/13 - Blackfish @ The Loft

Friday we went and saw the documentary film Blackfish at The Loft movie theater here in Tucson. It was our first visit to The Loft and it's definitely different than your typical movie going experience. It's not laid out in typical movie theater fashion at all. Their are multiple buildings within a fenced in enclosure. I'm not sure how many movies they show simultaneously but I have a feeling not many since the theater Blackfish was being shown in had about six rows of seats. It was pretty much sold out.

A gripe I had regarding this theater is that it's the same cost as a regular movie theater. It's $10 a ticket. I was expecting half price since it's not as nice as a regular theater and because it's a non-profit organization. Not to mention that Blackfish has been out since March so it's not exactly "new". We arrived 15-20 minutes before the movie and that was definitely a good idea. If you happen to be going to a movie at the Loft give yourself plenty of time, otherwise you won't get a seat next to your friend/partner.

Outside the building showing Blackfish
So maybe there are multiple theaters.

The review of Blackfish:
This movie was most definitely worth seeing. It's eye-opening in the same way that The Cove was. I was surprised by the depth and how emotional I felt after watching it. The Cove hit me hard too so I guess this wasn't all too surprising given my empathy for dolphins and their amazing intelligence.

The documentary focuses on Tilikum, a 12,000 pound killer whale that has been in captivity since he was two years old. Since then Tilikum has been held responsible for three human deaths (one is a hazy mystery). I really appreciated the fact the the filmmaker got footage of Tilikum's capture and interviewed those that were involved. Tilikum's life was painted extremely well and detailed his psychosis into a hard sad life.

This film is both disturbing and powerful. I was shocked at the graphic scenes showing several whale trainer's injuries, close encounters with death, and in some cases their final moments before suffering a brutal end.

It was no surprise but SeaWorld did not offer any interviews for this film. Here's hoping they close permanently before anyone (whales included) gets hurt.

Tilikum. Notice his collapsed dorsal fin. Whales don't have these in the wild.

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